A cosy two-storey private residence of Ural Tansykbaev Home-museum is located among nine storey houses in Cherdantsev Massiv.

The home-museum gives a remarkable opportunity to touch the mystery of birth of painting, because the artist's studio and his easel with the last uncompleted canvas attached to it represent the central part of the exposition.

There were only two homes in the life of Ural Tansykbaev, who left after himself the world full of colour and sentiments - the one where he spent the last years of his life and another one where he was born in 1904, lived and worked till 1966.

The stakes of the painter's creative life are as follows - the period of formation, creation of pictures and tours for getting new impressions and exhibitions. In the second half of the 20-s Tansykbaev studied at the Art Studio attached to the Tashkent Museum of Arts and at Penza artistic-pedagogical College. Since 1932 he has been a participant of the numerous exhibitions in Tashkent, Moscow, Philadelphia and others. In 1964 and in 1965 his personal exhibitions were held in Tashkent and in Moscow and in 1970 in Kishinev. His canvas "Morning Kaira-Kum GES" was awarded silver medals in Moscow and the World Exhibition in Brussels.

Then followed creative tours through Middle Asia at the result of which more and more new pictures of landscape appeared. In his paintings an onlooker not only recognized this or that mountain chain or pass but he also admitted the right of the painter to observe nature just that very way-mountain distance coated with a light haze. It was only Tansykbaev who could reproduce the atmosphere of those places in his canvases.

Ural Tansykbaev died on April 18, 1974 during his tour to Nukus.

The home-museum of the artist opened on January 16, 1981 and it has been keeping memory about him for more than 20 years. Besides his studio the memorial complex includes a drawing room, it interior contains bookcases with books by Russian and foreign classics on art, geography, geology, music. On the stands there are still life pictures, etudes by Ural Tansykbaev and his last photograph taken four days before his death. A bedroom and a small room, where the artist enjoyed painting his etudes.

A beautiful surrounding garden with bushes of roses and exotic trees reminds that this is the artist's home.

In 1994 The Exhibition Hall was built next to the home-museum. The exhibitions of pictures from the collection of the museum and painting by modern artists are held here regularly. A part of the museum was occupied for the constant exposition of canvases by Ural Tansykbaev. Sultan Ibragimovich Takhoev is the keeper-in-chief and the executive curator of the museum.

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