The Sergey Esenin Museum was created in 1988 on the basics of the public museum functioning since 1981. This museum is not a memorial but a literary one. Though the prominent Russian poet of the XX-th century visited Tashkent in the spring of 1921 and stayed here for about a month. It was national love to Esenin poetry and an assiduous interest to his short but bright life and not only reminiscences about his stay here, though they form the most important part of the exposition, these were the grounds for the creation of the museum.

After the reconstruction the museum reopened on the 10-th of June 1999.

The main hall of the museum contains various information about literary Turkistan of the beginning of the XX-th century: besides stands making up the most interesting and very rare publications of writings by Turkistan poets whom Esenin met, rare documents, photographs, placards, autographs, reminiscences of eye-witnesses are presented to the visitors' attention. There are also rarities: poems published in Esenin's lifetime and autograph by Esenin himself. The reconstruction of the interior of the living-room, which gives an idea of the way of life of an educated Tashkent family of the beginning of the 20's of the XX-th century produces great impression.

The map of the historical places of Tashkent, which as it was found out for sure, the poet visited and the photographs of that time are also displayed. Special items tell about his visit to the traditional poetic competition "Mushoira" in Keles, the suburbs of Tashkent, to the house of Azimbay, a rich edicated merchant, whose descendants still cautiously keep in memory that event.

The second hall of the Museum "Esenin and the East" tells about the influence the Eastern literature has produced upon the creative work of the poet. On the other hand it's items inform about dissemination of Esenin's poetry through the East - translations of his writing into Uzbek, Tajik, Kazakh and other languages of the region. Collected poems of his famous "Persian Motives" remarkably translated by well-known Uzbek poet Erkin Vahidov are also offered.

In the third hall "Esenin and We" unfading love for Esenin's poetry giving creative impulse to the new generations of the people is manifested. More than 500 various publications of Esenin's writings translated into tens languages of the world, stands with stories about women - Esenin poetical muses, a collection of book plates, devoted to his creative work are exhibited in the special bookcase. There's also a popular suitcase Esenin was travelling with over the world. This unique exponent was donated to the museum by his daughter Tatiana Esenina, who has lived in Tashkent since 1941 until her death in 1992. There is also a posthumous mask of the poet and the documents telling about the last days of his life. The table with a cosy lamp on it recreated Russian lifestyle. Everyone willing may sit down at it and reread loving lines by the poet.

The lecture hall is attached to the Esenin Museum. The recitations of the poems by Esenin and creative accounts of the contemporary poets, art exhibitions are held here. The general curator and Exclusive Director of the Museum is Olga Yurievna Chebotareva.

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