The Sergey Borodin Home-museum is situated in the house where the prominent Russian writer of the middle of the XX-th century and an author of series of important books of historical prose has lived since 1950 till 1974. His novel "Dmytry Donskoi" and historical epopee "The stars over Samarkand" have got great popularity.

Two halls of the literary compositions of the museum are dedicated to the main stakes oh his life and creative activity.

The items of the first hall tell about the period of moulding a writer. Sergey Petrovich Borodin was born on September 25, 1902 in Moscow. He spent his childhood in the ancient town of Belyaev on the picturesque bank of Oka river, the origin of the parents. These places were literally soaked with history - There is the Kulikovo Field nearby where in 1380 the army of the Duke Dmytry Ivanovich who was late given the name of Donskoi defeated the Horders led by Mamai. It was evidently the period of childhood when the interests were formed which later made for moulding personality of the master of historical prose. Afterwards he studied at Moscow Higher Literary-art Institute, then he joined the All-Union League of Writers, visited the Caucasus, Far East and Middle Asia. His first books published at the beginning of the 30s appeared at the result of those trips.

The second hall is devoted to life and creative activity of the writer since the end of the 30s until the last days of his lifetime. The first and the most important stake of this period was the publication of his historical novel "Dmitry Donskoi" at the beginning of the 40s, the novel which ran into more then 10 mass re-editions during the first years and bright nation-wide popularity to its author. The main part of the exhibits is devoted to more than twenty years work of Borodin at the epopee "The stars over Samarkand" dedicated to the epoch of Timur. Guided by the principles of historical trustworthiness in his work, striving for creation of a real and contradictory image of the ruler of his time, the writer paid great attention to the work at archives. He worked in book depositories of Egypt, Turkey and Tunis. Many years did he spend in the famous library of Vatican in Rome.

The memorial part of the museum preserved furniture and atmosphere of the house like it was when the writer was alive. The library numbering more than 10 thousand books, is a cosy drawing room with some pictures hung on the walls. They were presented to him by his colleagues-writers who usually placed their presents on the stands themselves. There is a pile of clean paper, the photographs of his wife and children and a calendar frozen forever on June 22, 1974, the very day of Sergey Borodin's death, on the desk in his study.

The employee of the museum Rauza Yakubovna Borodina, the writer's widow, carefully keeps everything like it was more than a quarter of the century ago. The museum received it's first visitors on March 19, 1981.

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